Silver what? – No, it’s SYLVACURL!

So, what’s in a name anyway? Well, in this case a lot! But no silver.

Here in Vermont the forest products industry is big business as well as a way of life. In 2011 the industry generated $3.42 billion and supported over 20,000 jobs statewide (The Importance of Vermont’s Forest-Based Economy 2013). This includes logging, trucking, paper goods, furniture, Christmas trees, maple syrup and bio-mass energy (wood chips and pellets manufacturing) as well as cottage industries making wreaths, garlands and other forestry related products.

Sylvacurl is a forest product. It is made from low grade wood, logged and trucked to a small family mill for processing into the raw materials we use in our plant, and then turned into the wonderful natural packaging material we ship to our customers across the country.

When we began the business back in the early ’90s we tried out a great many names, from wood-pack to pig tails. Yes, pig tails. But then we started thinking about our mission to help the local economy, create a few jobs, support local forest health, and help the environment by reducing the use of non-biodegradable packaging materials like plastic peanuts.

Our research told us that “sylvan” means “of or from the forest or woods”. How appropriate! Curls from the forest! So began Sylvacurl of Vermont.

So, sylvacurl packaging materials are all natural curls from the forest. Used, re-used, then composted to grow more trees.

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