Packaging Curls

Standard curls for packaging, Photo by Ryan Grabon-Akey

Standard curls for packaging,
Photo by Ryan Grabon-Akey

Sylvacurl Standard Natural wood curls make a superior packaging material because their unique interlocking ability suspends your product in a nest. This suspension inhibits product migration. Wood curls are completely natural, 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, safe for your products, safe for you, and safe for our environment. The curls provide superior product protection with a small environmental footprint that tells your customers just how green you can be…even down to your choice of packaging materials. Sylvacurl has been tested in United Parcel Service laboratories with approved ratings. Companies have been effectively using Sylvacurl for 20 years! Sylvacurl has been used to package electronics, glassware, pottery and ceramics, gifts, organic foods, candles, soaps, live bedding plants, photography, artwork, and machine parts. Sylvacurl is a viable natural alternative to styrofoam packing peanuts and other chemical-based shipping products and materials.

Sylvacurl protects well and looks great!

Sylvacurl protects well and looks great!




  • 100% NATURAL




Getza Ceramics

Getza Ceramics

Sylvacurl has a complete natural life cycle and does not need to enter the solid waste stream. It can be reused as bedding for pets, mulch for gardens or shrubs, fire starter, and even added directly to compost for addional dry matter. Sylvacurl biodegrades in less than a year when left outside. Sylvacurl is made from Aspen trees in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Sylvacurl production helps market otherwise unused timber through the creation of value-added wood products, helping to sustain healthy forest environments. In the past wood shavings were used to ship almost everything. We have improved on this idea to produce a true wood curl specifically designed for package protection.  Sylvacurl is a natural product, not a chemical compound. We do not add chemicals or preservatives to the curls, which means that Sylvacurl is a green product that is safe for the environment and safe for the people using it! 

Doll by Marie LaPre' Grabon, Photo by Ryan Grabon-Akey

Zemi Good Luck Doll by Marie LaPre’ Grabon,
Photo by Ryan Grabon-Akey

If you currently have a flow system in place for styrofoam packing peanuts, it is easy to use Sylvacurl in your existing system. Sylvacurl’s unique interlocking ability gives it a distinct advantage in product protection.

Potlicker Kitchens

Potlicker Kitchen


As it fills the void around your product Sylvacurl creates a nest of linked curls that suspends the items like eggs in a nest.

Wood curls protect your products like eggs in a nest!


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