Effective Packaging Using Sylvacurl

When used properly Sylvacurl can protect just about anything. The natural interlocking ability of wood curls effectively suspends your product in a nest. This suspension inhibits product migration, horizontally or vertically, regardless of weight.

Procedure #1: Case lots in tight fit master cartons. (1″ to 2″ of sidewall space)

  1. Dispense Sylvacurl into empty master carton to approximately 1/3 total available depth
  2. Place case(s) onto this bed, pressing down firmly and evenly.
  3. Dispense more Sylvacurl while “popping” sides of carton (with top flaps down, pull sides of master carton away from center, creating a “V” shape on each side). This allows Sylvacurl to flow into the side spaces without the need to stuff.
  4. When all case lots have been cushioned, dispense more Sylvacurl onto the top of the contents, creating a mound 2″ to 3″ above the rim of the box.
  5. Firmly close flaps and tape. This pressure will force the shavings to interlock, creating the total and permanent product suspension required.

Procedure #2: Additional protection within case lots with corrugated dividers.

Many times, especially with narrow-necked containers, the vertical fit in a divided case is less than adequate. By dispensing Sylvacurl into the open divided box and mounding slightly (as in Procedure #1) you effectively lock each container firmly into its “cell,” prohibiting movement during shipment. Not only does this provide additional protection for the master pack, it also provides protection against any friction between the sidewall and your product labels, which could result in defacing.

Procedure #3: Packing single, odd shaped items for shipment.

  1. Choose an appropriately sized box for a master carton. The box size must allow enough room for a cushion or nest of shavings that will surround ALL sides of the item being packed. Fill Sylvacurl in the bottom of the box, add the item, then fill around the sides and then on top to the rim.
  2. Firmly and evenly press the item to be suspended down into this nest, approximately 1/3 of the way into the master carton. Note: For larger items, or with items having a tight fit in the master carton, begin by filling only halfway.
  3. Dispense more Sylvacurl into the carton until mounded 2″ to 3″ above the rim. (Some side “popping” may be required on tight fit or larger items)
  4. Firmly close flaps and tape.

Procedure #4: Packing multiple odd shaped items for shipment.

  1. Dispense Sylvacurl into master carton to approximately 1/3 full.
  2. Firmly and evenly press each item into this bed of Sylvacurl, taking care to leave 1″ to 2″ between items. If available space prevents this kind of spacing, pieces of corrugated can be inserted, or items can be pre-wrapped with newspaper or bubble wrap.
  3. Once one layer of items has been laid, dispense 3″ to 6″ of Sylvacurl onto the existing layer. The heavier the next layer will be, the more fill should be used. Repeat as necessary.
  4. After completing the necessary layers, overfill the remaining space, creating a 2″ to 3″ mound above the rim.
  5. Firmly close flaps and tape.