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WOW pics 018The Lovinsky Family

Eastview Enterprises Incorporated, Sylvacurl of Vermont, was started by Jim and Mary-Ellen Lovinsky shortly after they moved to Vermont with James and Kathryn from East Harwich, MA in 1989. Our packaging business is based in East Hardwick. We hoped to make a positive difference in the larger world from our little corner of Vermont. We thought one way to make that difference was to develop a value added wood product business from an underutilized forest product. We designed Sylvacurl as a green alternative to Styofoam packaging and other plastic packaging products. We hoped to reduce toxic waste sent to landfills and to promote the use of a sustainable resouce.

These days Jim is Executive Director of the Lamoille Housing Partnership. He is working hard on affordable housing initiatives in our local area besides running the Sylvacurl business. Jim is an optimist. He works tirelessly to find ways to do things better whether it is; building a better more affordable and energy efficient house, making wood shavings using lean manufacturing principles, or fixing the barn. Mary-Ellen is a Reading Specialist and currently runs the farm business.  James and Kathryn have worked  since they were in elementary school to produce, bag and ship wood curls. They have helped with building projects, filing, book keeping, website development (see www.eastview webworks.com) and lots and lots of production. They are now adults pursuing careers and interests of their own but still find the time to help out with the family businesses. James currently attends the New England School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Kathryn is an Art Therapist and Coordinator at the Clara Martin Center in Randolf, VT.

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We have worn many hats to make our living, most Vermont families in our area do. Our home base is Eastview Farm. (http://eastviewfarm.com/) The farm is situated on a hill facing the eastern sky line that is edged with a rim of mountains. The farm is right up the road from the Northern Growers Coop building which houses the manufacturing facility. We believe in beginning each new day with a goal of doing something to improve our world in some way.

We enjoy living in Vermont and view both of our businesses as viable contributors to our community and our state. Our Sylvacurl mission and Eastview Farm mission are intertwined. We hope to continue our work with both the packaging business and farm to build a better world. We work to promote sustainability and to make positive statements about the importance of using our natural resources wisely and whole systems thinking.

Lewis Cohen

lew_zyp Lewis is from the Boston area and has been in business since he was 11 years old.  Lewis became involved in the Sylvacurl business when his son Ben was attending Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont in the 1990’s. Ben was doing an internship with the company when he first  became interested in the  business. He immediately realized the need for a 100% biodegradable and renewable packaging product. Lewis provided operational funds  and ideas to help support the fledgling business and has been involved in many capacities ever since. The business has fostered a long term friendship between Lewis, Jim and Mary-Ellen.

Lewis has  extensive experience in the business world. He believes in making a positive impact and shares his experience and expertise with others. He has worked with the Better Business Bureau, SCORE, retailers, manufacturers, educational organizations and non- profits.  He is widely traveled and spends as much time as he can with family and friends while he is promoting and encouraging the success of others.  Lewis is more sure than ever about the need for our products.  This picture is of Lew working in his vineyard in California.


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The Lovinsky family and Lewis Cohen