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Dangerous micro-plastic

This article from the BBC is just one of many that detail how our over-use of plastics adversely affects our environment. We at Sylvacurl are eager to help reduce that waste!

Washed Ashore Exhibit

In similar news, the Washed Ashore Project will bring their traveling Art and Educational Exhibit to your aquarium, zoo, science center or museum. It features everything from life-sized humpback whale rib cages (made of plastic bottles) to faux-coral reefs and sea anemones. :

“Seeing is believing. The Washed Ashore traveling exhibit attracts attention by virtue of its scale and artistry … and it goes on to educate people on the problems with signage that teaches them how they can help.

So far, the Washed Ashore traveling exhibit and sculptures have appeared at numerous venues including The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, Newport Visual Arts Center, Portland Community College, America’s Cup Healthy Oceans Exhibit, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Mystic CT Aquarium, San Francisco Zoo and SeaWorld Parks in San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando.”


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