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Two Spiritual Dangers in Not Owning a Farm…

Happy Earth Day!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t throw anything away, there is no ‘away'”?

We haven’t found a black hole in space to chuck our waste into, which is why when you open a box that is overflowing with plastic packaging, you should immediately imagine it all floating in our oceans or strangling tree roots underground.

Earth Day can be a fun day to celebrate our beautiful planet and plant a tree or pick up litter, but it should also act as a sober reminder that even our smallest decisions every day effect the health of the land, sky, animals, and other humans we care about.

Courtesy of Earth Day Sacramento

Courtesy of Earth Day Sacramento

If you’ve ever wondered how much of an impact your family has on the environment, here’s your chance to find out. The Earth Day Network site has a Footprint Calculator, a fun and interesting interactive quiz that will show you how your lifestyle affects the planet. Taking the quiz will be an eye opener for you and your kids. Once you know the extent of your footprint, explore a few of the suggestions and activities on this list with an eye toward reducing waste and reusing or recycling valuable resources.

News from the Farm

Photo courtesy of John Hadden - check out his Vermont photography here:

Photo courtesy of John Hadden – check out his Vermont photography here:

This week as we looked out on the fields at Eastview Farm we saw a few harbingers of spring – like tom turkeys, red winged blackbirds, and robins bending low to the ground in search of grubs and worms.







Views of Vermont’s highest peak, Mt. Mansfield, show that things are melting and moving!

Photo courtesy of Sterling College

Photo courtesy of Sterling College

Are you ready?

Mother’s Day is exactly one month away!

How are you packing gift baskets for your customers?

Here’s a nice gift for the gardener in your life,

High Mowing Organic Seeds surrounded by highly mulch-able Sylvacurl!

Seeds gift basket

photo courtesy of Sue Kelley Harkey of Barn Angels

Recycle it, and watch it grow!

Don’t forget that leftover Sylvacurl makes an excellent mulch for your spring garden. (This is a summer photo, but you get the idea.)


We’re melting!

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

This is what spring looks like up in Sylvacurl country…

Mud season begins while the frost is still in the ground. Meltwater floats on the top of the soil, rather than seeping into it. Robert Frost put it perfectly in his 1934 poem

Two Tramps in Mud Time:

The water for which we may have to look

In summertime with a witching wand,

In every wheel rut’s now a brook

In every print of a hoof a pond.

We hope you had a lovely Holiday weekend! We spent Sunday feeling encouraged by the customers who chose to use Sylvacurl in their Easter baskets rather than plastic grass. They looked so spring-like and sweet. We couldn’t find a seder plate, but there’s always next year!

Eastview Farm has been transplanting greens into the greenhouse, our animals keep eating hay and hay and hay… the sun is out and we will make it to green grass in May.

I’m no Robert Frost, but I try.