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Valentine’s Day and Easter – naturally!

Fine cut for natural basket filler.

Fine cut for natural basket filler.

Sylvacurl fine cut makes a great natural gift basket filler. Picture a basket with soft wood curls surrounding chocolate eggs or your favorite local cheese and a bottle of wine. Order early at

We’re shipping sylvacurl!

Sylvacurl is heading around the country including Oklahoma, NYC, New Hampshire, and right here in Vermont! Please think of us for you natural packaging needs!

Cold in the North Country

At minus 25 degrees F its hard to stay outside for long. Equipment doesn’t like the cold either. For loggers its better than rain and ice as they count on the frozen ground in winter to access otherwise wet and muddy places to harvest without damaging the soil structures. We have some snow cover, thankfully, so our garlic crop is protected. There are also places with running open water so animals can get a drink. The cardinals are still coming to the feeders! Never thought I’d see them year round in this area. Pretty happy!

Need more sylvacurl than a carton, but less than a truckload?

Here’s a new option that we didn’t have until now. Easier to order and more economical than ordering a bunch of cartons. We put 10 bags into 2 cartons on a single skid that can be shipped by truck. And if you don’t have a loading dock they can be easily opened to remove the bags and you have two great storage boxes. Check it out at

10 Bags on a skid for easy LTL shipping

10 Bags on a skid for easy LTL shipping


Ways of the Woods from Way Back

The Northern Forest Center has a traveling show that features life and making a living in the Great Northern Forests of New England and New York. We just happened to hear from neighbors one day that we were in some trailer at the Barton Fair. What! No Way! So we took a ride up to the Stone House in Brownington to see it for ourselves. Yep. There we were. Bigger than life! What a surprise when we walked in an saw our picture on the wall.

Lovinsky family outside the Northern Forest Ways of the Woods trailer.

Lovinsky family outside the Northern Forest Ways of the Woods trailer.


Life up here is about the woods, the farms, the people, the snow     and the winter. And the fantastic summer of long days and short nights. Camp fires, haying, swimming and working way too long! And a cold beverage or two at the end of the day.

We’ve been making Sylvacurl for 25 years! Ups and downs and hanging in there year after year. We’re at it again with a new website and all the modern stuff to make sales easy on the interwebs. Hope you’ll take a minute or two to visit and read our story. And maybe find a good use for a carton of natural packaging by Sylvacurl of Vermont



New Sylvacurl Web Site Launced

We’ve been working like made the past month to get our new and improved web site and running and open for business. Besides the new look and feel we have several new shipping options including shipping on skids and picking up at our factory. Hope you’ll check it out at

Please send us your comments, suggestions, and pictures of how you use sylvacurl to meet your packaging needs.

Best for the new year! Jim

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